Endurance (K),otherwise known as Endurance (K) and a trademark founded in 2014, under the mother company; Out Door Pursuits Kenya Limited, has been championing physical fitness, national character and self-realization all packaged is responsible Eco-Tourism.

"Performace Driven and Result Oriented"

With a track record of 37 back-to-back excursions, programs and routines have been uniquely originated and developed to suit the society’s need of fun activities to curb idleness and unemployment at large.


Endurance (K),The Endurance Fun Club (EFC) was founded in 2015 and is based in Syokimau, Nairobi - Kenya. The EFC is a club of 215 members that is dedicated to the promotion of all aspects of fun and sportsmanship. It began by a membership of 5 (five) cycling residence in Nairobi and since then, everyone interested in cycling, morning/evening/weekend-workouts, hiking, mountain climbing, holiday trips and vacations, team building events, outdoor aerobics, indoor fun and games, boot camps and camping and dancing – whether for health, recreation, transportation, competition, or fellowship – is welcome and encouraged to join.

"Originating, Designing, Developing and Sustaining Fun"

Want more reasons to join? Learn more about Membership Benefits. Not a member? Guests are welcome to browse this website, subscribe to EFC’s Spoke ‘N’ Link newsletter, or join us on any of our daily/monthly events, all at no cost.


Applicants have a choice for submitting payment for EFC Membership – via M-pesa Till No. or through the bank account (provided below). Applicants for Individual Youth Memberships (17 & Under) must use the bank option because we need a parent/guardian signature on file.

New members (as defined by Article V, Section 2 of the EFC Bylaws) receive free membership through 30th April with payment for the membership year or years beginning on 1st May following the date the EFC receives the completed application, signed waiver, and dues

Dues received from renewing members (those who have been a member within one year of the date the EFC receives that person’s membership application, signed waiver, and dues) on or after 1st March and before or on 1st May apply to the membership year or years beginning on 1st May. Dues received from renewing members after 1st May and before 1st March of the following year apply retroactively to the membership year beginning on the preceding 1st May.


Download, Print, Fill in appropriately, Scan or Take A Photo of the filled form, Attach & Mail (the filled-in and scanned Membership Form) with payment receipt ID (M-pesa or Attach a scanned copy of the bank receipt.